Hunting becomes easy when one uses hunting or climbing tree stands. Not only do they conceal one from the prey, but they also add stability when one shoots. It is important to have a tree stand that enables one to take home the kill. Lightweight and versatility are two elements that one should look for in a hunting gear including the hunting blinds. In addition, the gear should feature an easy setup capability and it should not attract any attention.

Types of Hunting Stands
Ladder Tree Stands
These stands such as millennium treestands elevate a hunter from the ground level and they give a hunter more visibility. A hunter sits on top of the ladder that fastened on a tree, and it becomes easy to spot the prey from a distance. In addition, the elevated eye view enables a hunter to cover more hunting area.

Climbing Tree Stands
A hunter is able to climb a tree with ease while using the climbing tree stands. There is no need of using a ladder or steps when one has the climbing stands. In a wooded area, climbing of trees becomes discreet and fast with this type of stands.

Hang-on Stands
Sometimes a hunter has to climb higher on a tree in order to get good eye coverage. This exercise becomes easy when one uses the hang-on stands. However, a hunter needs to become bold when covering high heights, but there are several other stands that hunters who fear heights can use.

Tripod and Tower Hunting Stands
A hunting spree that takes place in a sparsely wooded area calls for special hunting stands. Tripod and Tower hunting stands are ideal for such an area. These kinds of stands help one to cover a vast area including water holes and large fields.

Ideal Qualities of a hunting Stand
Hunters spend quality time on the hunting stands, and they have to place their hunting equipment on the stands too. The size and comfort of the stand are two important elements that a hunter should put into consideration. Additionally, the weight of the stand is also a point of consideration. Light stands are the most ideal for a hunter who covers long distances.

Safety of the Hunting Gear
Safety is paramount when one uses the hunting tree stands. Sometimes one can trip and fall especially when shooting, and it is important for one to use harnesses, lifeline systems and ropes to enhance safety. Climbing and stacking sticks are also other accessories that one can use for safety.

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